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8 Reasons for choosing Granada and CLM

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The University of Granada
is one of the oldest in Europe

The University of Granada (UGR), founded in 1531, continues a long teaching tradition, the roots of which can be traced back to the madrasahs of the last Nasrid Kingdom.

4 university campuses which combine traditional elements with a commitment to innovation

There are four University Campuses in Granada, as well as the "Campus Centro". The latter encompasses the centres spread throughout the historical part of the city. The UGR's policy of using buildings of historical and cultural value has not only enriched its heritage, but also promoted their restoration and maintenance.

80,000 students,
3,650 lecturers and over 2,000 administrative, technical and maintenance staff
75 degree qualifications, 68 Master's courses and 116 doctorate programs

In addition to the emphasis placed on more traditional elements, the Health Science Technological Park (still in development) demonstrates a firm commitment to innovation by promoting interaction with technological bio-health companies, and boosting high-quality healthcare and biomedical knowledge. There are two other UGR Campuses in the cities of Ceuta and Melilla, in Northern Africa.

At present, the UGR offers courses for 75 different qualifications in its 28 teaching centres. The courses are taught across 116 departments. The Postgraduate School offers 68 master's courses, 116 doctorate programmes and 113 additional courses.

Over 60,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students study at the UGR, with another 20,000 students taking additional courses, language courses, summer courses etc. There are 3,650 teachers and over 2,000 administration, technical and services staff.

An investment in quality research, channelled into 12 research institutes and 346 research groups

The commitment to high-quality research has placed the University of Granada in a prominent position in terms of national rankings.
The financing of 346 research groups illustrates this commitment. Through the Spanish Research Programme, as well as other national programmes and organisations, the University supports 165 research projects, and the Spanish Ministry of Innovation, Science and Business has provided financial support to 78 Projects of Excellence.
In addition to the research work carried out by the different departments, the UGR has 12 research institutes, along with other specific research units and centres that focus their work on different fields

The number one European
University in receiving nternational students and second in Spain for outgoing students

For many years, the UGR has promoted a strong international dimension through its International Relations Office. The importance of international students is most clearly seen in the 606 mobility agreements signed with European Higher Education institutions and the ERASMUS mobility programmes; the UGR is the leading European university in terms of receiving students and the second Spanish university in terms of the mobility of its own students. The University is also involved in major exchange programmes with universities in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Mediterranean countries, Australia, Oceania and Asia.

A wide range of sports facilities and activities

The various Campuses offer a range of sports facilities such as football and rugby pitches, multi-sports facilities, covered areas, swimming pool etc.
Each year, the Sports Centre offers over 400 courses in all kinds of sports.


Commitment to quality assurance

As a result of the UGR's commitment to both society and the institution itself, a number of quality assurance mechanisms have been developed in relation to its services, centres, qualifications and lecturers, which operate through the various Evaluation, Quality Support and Teaching Improvement Offices.
The quality of life within the University Community is another of the UGR's objectives and a specific Office for the Environment, Wellbeing and Sport operates in this area. The Environmental Quality Unit and the Social Action Office also work in this direction.


Quality and variety of
additional services

In addition to the teaching, research and management activities there are many centres and services: Library, Editorial, Accommodation, Colleges, Catering, Employment promotion office, Grants, Information Technology etc., which can be found in the different sections of the University website or by requesting information from the General Information Office.

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