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Theatre Workshop

Taller de Teatro

CLM runs a free theatre workshop for both foreign and Spanish students. It is designed to integrate students from different countries, improve their linguistic skills and develop their spoken and physical communication techniques through acting games, body language, and improvisation. At the end of each semester, students put on a play to practice the skills learnt. The play is chosen to fit the nature of the workshop and is adapted from texts by either classical or contemporary Spanish authors. The workshop takes place on Thursday from 18.00 to 21.00 once a week and lasts from October to December and from January to May.


In 1999, the fifth centenary of the first publication of the "La Celestina" by Fernando de Rojas, one of the events organised by the Centro de Lenguas Modernas for its commemoration, was devised by Francisco Linares Aleix (assistant director at the time) who gathered a group of students from different countries together to perform an adaptation of this play.

This initiative materialised in the patio of the Palace Del Santa Cruz, Clam's main building, and the Theatre Workshop was born. It has received the necessary participation and support from CLM to continue on a regular basis up until today.
Thanks to co-operation from the Centre's students, different groups have been formed each year to rehearse and perform plays by the most diverse playwrights in the Spanish language.


Year Play Title Author
2012 Piratas Creación colectiva del taller
2012 Ensayo Abierto Creación colectiva del taller
2011 Aniversario de Ratones Creación colectiva del taller
2011 Inventaron un cristal que dejaba pasar las moscas Creación colectiva del taller
2010 Caminando x el spacio 2.1 Creación colectiva del taller
2009 Lacras. La Verdadera Historia de Joselito Creación colectiva del taller
2009 Cabeza de Dragón Adrian Rincón / Juan Antonio Vera
2008 Farsas Zurras-Zurro Adrian Rincón / Juan Antonio Vera
2007 Farsón de la Niña Araña-Zurro Adrian Rincón / Juan Antonio Vera
2006 Ramón y Julieta-Lorca/TdeTeatre Adrian Rincón / Juan Antonio Vera
2006 Historia Para Salir Adelante-Colectivo (Luis Britos) Adrian Rincón / Juan Antonio Vera
2004 El Jardinero de Ispahan-Colectivo Adrian Rincón / Juan Antonio Vera
2004 Retablo de las Maravillas-Cervantes Ana Martínez / Juan Antonio Vera
2003 Romancero Gitano - El Público-Lorca Ana Martínez / Juan Antonio Vera
2003 Comedia de HelArte de F.Frio-Colectivo Adrian Rincón / Juan Antonio Vera
2002 Cementerio de Automoviles-Arrabal Ana Martínez / Juan Antonio Vera
2001 La Cabeza del Dragón-Valle Inclan Andrés Cerrillo / Juan Antonio Vera
2000 Entremeses (Guardia cuidadosa - Rufian)-Cervantes Andrés Cerrillo / Juan Antonio Vera
2000 La Vida es Sueño-Calderon de la Barca Elisa / Carlos
1999 La Celestina-Fernando de Rojas Elisa / Carlos


Juan Antonio Vera García

He began his drama studies at the Theatre School in Granada. He studied there for three years and participated in different projects, coinciding with Adrian Rincon in one of them.
Co-founder of Farandafula along with Andres Cerrillo and Ana Martinez, he moved from performing to Coordination and Direction during the seven years this group, -also known as Teatro de Camarilla, was together. Through the initiative of the Asociación de Intérpretes del Patrimonio he created, in close collaboration with Andres Cerrillo and Adrian Rincon, the group Vademecum Teatro, which for three years took dramatizations of different legends and historical events of the city to the streets of the Albayzín. Since 2000 he has been in charge of the Theatre workshop at the CLM, being the longest-serving of all those involved in this project.

Adrian Rincon Hurtado.

His first vocational training was at the Theatre School where, apart from meeting Juan Vera, he later worked as teacher. He created Periplo Teatro, along with other students at the school, and with the support of the publishing company Bruño, they took children's theatre plays to schools. With Danza Azuara he made contact with body work on stage and with La Barrena he did street performances. From 2000 until 2007 he worked with Vagalume, a company skilled in street theatre, allowing him to learn circus techniques. He was able to apply his knowledge of street work with Vademecum together with Juan Vera and Andres Cerrillo. He took a year long course at the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático in the speciality of mime theatre.
Since then he has focussed his work on various theatre workshops for all ages.

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