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Work Related Risk Prevention and Quality Control Policy

Formación y Gestión de Granada, S.L. (the Centro de Lenguas Modernas) declares that the company is proceeding to integrate quality and prevention management in its organization of the Centre, following the principles outlined below:

Prevention of risks in the workplace is very important in our sector mainly in relation to the use of computer screens, adopting the correct posture when working, and psychosocial problems. For this reason we have set up a system to manage the prevention of risks at work, as well as having an outside prevention and support advice service and a person within the company who is responsible for this system. This is supported by the work of our Prevention Delegates and the Health and Safety Committee.

In relation to our provision of services, adaptation to all the needs of our students is an essential component, thus we offer a wide range of possibilities in language learning as well as customized courses.

We also offer all the additional services that our students might need to support or supplement their education, not only in relation to their language skills but also to Spanish customs. These services include the library, accommodation, cultural and sports activities amongst others. In addition, we help to encourage intercultural relations and facilitate the students’ adaptation.

Thus, we are committed to:

Working towards constant improvement of the working conditions of our staff and of the educational service we provide, through the monitoring stipulated in our integrated management system of quality and prevention of risks at work.

Complying with the legislation and other applicable requirements in relation to matters of prevention of risks at work, and all other areas directly applicable to our company.

Communicating this policy to all our employees and making it accessible for all interested parties.

Revising this policy annually coinciding with the Management Review, as well as adjusting the specific objectives that arise from it.

This is the Quality and Prevention of Risks at Work Policy that will be communicated to all levels of the company.

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