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One-Month Intensive Spanish Language (CILE)
+ Hispanic Studies (CEH)

Spring 2016


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Icono Dates: 6th January to 20th May 2016*

Icono Duration: 19 weeks

Icono Application Deadline: 20th September 2015

Icono Fee: 7,997 €*

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Medical Insurance


4 Walking Tours

4 Field trips

2 Sports Activities

And much more

Course Descriptions

Intensive Spanish Language

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Hispanic Studies

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Intensive Spanish Language

The Intensive Spanish Language Courses (CILE) are designed for those students who wish to start learning or improve their Spanish during a short stay in Granada or in preparation for a subsequent course of study.  We highly recommend that you take a CILE class in September or January if your goal is to advance into the Hispanic Studies program and it has been a while since your last Spanish class! 

CILE classes are taught at every level from A1 to C1 (CLM Level 1-Beginners to CLM Level 8-Superior).  An essentially communicative approach is followed in these courses along with the use of the most up-to-date audio-visual technology.  The average number of students per class is 12. 

Hispanic Studies

The Hispanic Studies program is appropriate for advanced students who wish to complement their study of the Spanish language with content courses in culture, history, economics, politics, art history, etc.  The program offers a wide variety of subjects taught by expert faculty members from the University of Granada. 

Students in the Hispanic Studies program may complete an internship at a local company, educational institution or volunteering organization. Students should check with their home universities regarding whether or not they can earn credit for this internship course.

During the spring semester only, students in the Hispanic Studies program may also enrol in one or two classes at the other Schools of the University of Granada. 

* Students enrolled in UGR classes must remain in Granada through the end of the Spanish semester in order to take their final exams as scheduled.  The exam period generally takes place from mid-June to early July.  The program price will be increased accordingly. 

Students must place into level B2.2 (CLM Level 7-Upper Advanced) or have passed B2.1 (CLM Level 6-Advanced) in order to enrol in this program.  As a general guideline, students who have taken approximately 5-6 semesters of college-level Spanish will place into Hispanic Studies.  Students must have a high command of the Spanish language in order to succeed in these classes.

Hispanic Studies Subjects


A. Language
. Speaking and Writing Skills.**
. Spanish Grammar.
. The Diversity of Spanish in the World.
. Translation English to Spanish I.
. Translation English to Spanish II.***
. Business Spanish.
. Applied Linguistics in Teaching Spanish.
. Spanish Linguistics.

B. Literature
. Spanish Literature from the Renaissance to the Golden Age of Cervantes.
. Spanish Literature (Enlightenment, Romanticism and Realism).
. Contemporary Spanish Literature.
. Latin American Literature.
. The Image of Women in Spanish Literature (18th to 21st Century).
. Social and ideological change through the Lens of Spanish Theatre.

C. History
. Spanish History from the 1700s to the Civel war and Franco.
. The Transition: from Francos's Dictatorship to the Democracy of Today's Spain.
. Contemporary History of America.

D. History of Art
. Spanish Art (Renaissance and Baroque).
. Contemporary Spanish Art.
. Spain and Latin America through Contemporary Cinema.

E. Sociology, Politics and Economics
. Current socio-political topics in Spain.
. Economics and Business in Spain and Latin America.
. The Political System of the European Union.

F. Culture
. Spanish Civilization and Culture.

. Latin American Civilization and Culture.

. Islamic Culture in Spain.

. The Spanish Music as an Artistic and Social Phenomenon: Tradition and Vanguard.

. The Art of Flamenco in Society and Culture.

. Religious diversity and culture in medieval Spain.

. Healthcare Systems in Spain.
. Ecology and the Enviroment in Spain

G. Internships
. Business Internship.

. Internship Program in Educational Institutions.
. Service Learning and Community.

H. Foreign Language
(Arab, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese...)
See the program of Modern Languages

** This subject is obligatory for all students enrolled on Hispanic Studies Course except those who have passed level C1 (CLM - Superior) or those who have taken the Hispanic Studies Course in the previous semester.

*** To take the subject "Translation English to Spanish II" you need to have passed "Translation English to Spanish I" or level B2.2 (CLM-level 7)

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