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What's included, step by step, throughout the program



Students will receive individualized guidance from the highly qualified and attentive student services professionals at the CLM throughout your program here, starting with the application process and extending beyond your return home.


Application Process: Please contact us directly with any questions that arise as you fill out your application. We will be happy to assist you and will respond as promptly as possible. Notification of acceptance will be sent by email within a week of receiving your complete application (including all required forms).

Application Fee: The CLM has decided to waive our application fee for programs throughout the academic year 2014-15 due to the increase in the student visa application fee charged by the Spanish Embassy and Consulates.  

Visa: The visa application process can be long and complicated. Be sure to get started as soon as possible. Students who plan to be in Spain for more than 90 days must have a student visa in order to enter the country. A student visa cannot be obtained from within Spain. Upon paying your program deposit, the CLM will mail you the official enrolment certificates which are required by the Spanish Embassy and Consulates as part of your visa application. Applying early to your CLM Study Abroad Program will help ensure that you have plenty of time to obtain your student visa well before your expected departure for Granada!

Orientation: A comprehensive orientation program will be provided for you including: group meetings covering health, safety and emergency plans, cultural norms and expectations, academic policies and course registrations; and walking tours throughout Granada to help you get your bearings; a complete explanation of the CLM facilities and services.

Handbook: The CLM will provide you with a student handbook full of important information that you can reference throughout your program, including 24-hour contact information in the event of an emergency.

Ongoing advising and support: The coordinator of the CLM Study Abroad Program and a team of dedicated student services staff will be available to assist you throughout your stay in Granada. Direct contact will be maintained with your Study Abroad Advisor and on-site academic advising will be provided in consultation with your home school officials.

Grade Certificates: Upon the successful completion of your program, an official Centro de Lenguas Modernas certificate recording your classes, contact hours and grades will be issued and delivered directly to your home institution. The coordinator of the CLM Study Abroad Program will work closely with your home school to ensure this correspondence takes place in a smooth and timely manner. It is each student's responsibility to confirm that his/her home schhol will award credit for courses successfully completed at the CLM/UGR.


All CLM Study Abroad Programs include full-board accommodation with a Spanish family. Students share a double room in a local home where three meals a day (everyday), laundry service once a week, internet and utilities are all included. Students may opt out of the included accommodations and secure their own independent housing. See our Accommodations page for full details.


Students will be covered by private medical insurance throughout the duration of their CLM Study Abroad Programs. The policy provides substantial coverage for medical attention, surgery and hospitalizations.


Students enrolled in the Hispanic Studies Program can choose to complete an internship in a local company, an educational institution or a volunteering organization as part of their academic program.


Students enrolled in the Spanish Language and Culture Program have the option to complete an internship in an educational institution. You must secure the necessary approval from your home institution in order to participate in an internship course, which must further specify whether or not credit will be awarded for the course by your home institution.



Cultural Visits, Trips and Performances

Sports Activities

Language Exchange Partner Program


Student Card - Students will receive a CLM Student ID Card which will give them access to the University of Granada's campus-wide library system and its sports facilities and activities (CAD).

Computer and Internet Access - Computers are available for student use in the multimedia room and in the CLM library. You will also be given access to the wireless network available in all CLM and UGR facilities.

Social Networks - You can follow the CLM on Facebook, Twitter and Tuenti!


For more information, please contact the Study Abroad Coordinator at studyabroad@clm.ugr.es
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