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Expert staff and faculty

The Centro de Lenguas Modernas is headed by a University of Granada faculty member appointed by the Rector of the University. Leadership of the CLM is currently provided by:
Juan Sánchez

D. Juan Sánchez


Francisco Javier Montoro Ríos

D. Francisco Javier Montoro Ríos

Marketing Director

The Study Abroad Program at the Centro de Lenguas Modernas is managed by CLM's own expert staff who have been working with undergraduate and graduate students for over two decades. Students will receive a warm welcome and friendly, well-informed assistance throughout their stay from a dynamic team of student services professionals and faculty members.
Ángeles Redondo Baena

María José Vázquez
Coordinator, CLM Study Abroad



Ángeles Redondo Baena

Ángeles Redondo Baena
Administrator, CLM Study Abroad



Luz María Marín

Luz María Marín Alguacil
Administrator, Reservations and student services


Luz María has managed different courses during her 8+ years working at the CLM. Currently in charge of student reservations, she enjoys being the first point of contact for most incoming international students. Overall, what she most likes about working at the CLM are its vibrant international ambience and its location in a historic and picturesque neighbourhood of the city.


Mariola Peña

Mariola Peña Fernández
Administrator, Hispanic Studies and Spanish Language and Culture registration, student services

Mariola has been working at the CLM for 13 years and knows the registration system like the back of her hand. It is this expertise and her commitment to students' academic success and satisfaction that shows through when she helps each CLM Study Abroad student put together the pieces of his or her registration puzzle. Her favourite time of the semester is when she sees all of the students happily placed in their classes.


laura Serrano

Laura Serrano Ariza
Administrator, Intensive Spanish Language course registration, student services


Laura has lived in several foreign countries and fully understands the challenges that students face in the beginning until you adapt and get to know a new country, the language and the culture. She enjoys the multicultural, multilingual environment of the CLM where she has been working since 2001 and loves to help and orient newly arrived students, which is her favourite
part of the job.


Ulises Sánchez

Ulises Sánchez Molina
Administrator, Extra-curricular sports activities and events


Ulises has been working at the CLM for over 10 years and currently organizes the sports activities that are open to all CLM students. His main goal is to facilitate student integration in Granada (city and province) through activities such as mountain bike excursions, hiking, horseback riding, sailing, kayaking and any other activity that contributes to a student's overall development.


Curricular programming is overseen by:
Aurora Biedma

Aurora Biedma Torrecillas, PhD
Associate Director, Hispanic Studies

Aurora is a professor of Spanish Literature and has been working with the University of Granada's courses for international students since 1992 and at the CLM since its inception. She enjoys teaching in this small class-size environment where she can have meaningful interactions with her students, whom she all knows by name, and share with them many aspects of Spanish culture, literature and language.


María Ángeles Lamolda

María Ángeles Lamolda González
Associate Director, Spanish Language

As a professor of Spanish Literature, the aspect of teaching that Mariángeles likes most is that she is always learning from her students. In her administrative role, she enjoys connecting with academics and faculty from other places and appreciates the outside perspective on her work and on the CLM that this contact gives her. Mariángeles has been working at the CLM for 16 years.


CLM courses are taught by highly trained language professors and expert faculty from other schools of the University of Granada.

List of CLM professors

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