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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about the CLM

I am not going to get to Granada in time for the level test - what can I do?

You need to let us know by e-mail (info) and also say when you will arrive. We will tell you when you can take the test but bear in mind that you will miss classes and these hours will not be made up for.

I want to enrol on more than one course - do I have to make a transfer for each application fee or can I do it all in the same one?

You just need to make one transfer for the sum of the application fees - it works out cheaper like this as you only have to pay bank charges once. Please make sure that the student´s name is clearly specified on the bank transfer papers.

I have paid the application fee but for personal reasons I will not be able to take the course I have booked for - what can I do?

You need to send us a fax or e-mail explaining why you won't be able to attend and attach some form of official justification. You can transfer the amount paid to another course within the same academic year.

I have paid for a course and will never be able to go to CLM - will you reimburse my money?

The application will not be reimbursed for reasons beyond our control, but can be transferred. The course fee is only reimbursed for valid reasons and by presenting the appropriate documentation.

¿Do I need to be a member of the university community to take a language course at CLM?

No, anybody can study at CLM

The only requirement is to have finished high school or compulsory secondary education(B.U.P., E.S.O. or equivalent).

What is the minimum and maximum age for students registering at CLM?

Students have to be at least 16 years old and there is no maximum age.

What is the end-of-course certificate like?

The stamp of the University of Granada and Centro de Lenguas Modernas appears on the certificate. It also states the name of the course, duration, dates, level reached and grade obtained.

Do I have to attend all classes?

Yes, you can only miss 20 percent of the programmed classes. If you miss more than 20 percent, you will not be entitled to take the final exam or to receive a certificate. Your grade will be INSUFFICIENT ATTENDANCE.

What are your bank details so I can make the transfer?

Our current account number is:

IBAN: ES16-3023-0134-7254-0965-6203
held at Caja Rural Granada, Office Granada Urbana 21 "Realejo", Plaza del Realejo, 8 y 10, CP 18009, Granada, Spain

Please make sure that the student´s name clearly specified on the bank transfer papers.

The Centro de Lenguas Modernas will only recognise as payment the amount received. The student must meet any bank charges incurred.

I can't find / have lost my certificate - can you send me a duplicate?

The CLM only issues students with one certificate per course. In order to obtain a copy of the certificate, students will have to pay the current fees. You should send a bank transfer in euros to our current account:

IBAN: ES16-3023-0134-7254-0965-6203
held at Caja Rural Granada, Office Granada Urbana 21 "Realejo", Plaza del Realejo, 8 y 10, CP 18009, Granada, Spain

Any bank charges incurred must be met by you.

You need to send us a copy of the bank transfer by fax (+34 958 220 844) together with the address where you want it sent. Certificates normally take two weeks but if you require it urgently, please let us know.

I need to find accommodation - can you book a room for me in a flat or with a family?

The first thing you have to do is contact the person in charge of accommodation by e-mail alojamiento. We cannot book you a room until you get to Granada when we will give you information on what is available and you choose yourself. We suggest you spend the first couple of nights in a hotel or guesthouse - you will find a list on our web page ( - until we find you somewhere to live.

If I pay the application fee and my visa request is refused, can I get my money back?

The application fee will not be reimbursed if your visa request has been turned down - the only thing we can do is transfer this money to a later course in the same academic year.

Can I take different levels of the D.E.L.E. exam in the same exam session?

No, this is not possible.

I want to take the D.E.L.E. exam and don't know which level to register for - how can I find out?

You can view previous exam papers on the web page of the Instituto Cervantes:

Can I register for the D.E.L.E. exam from my country?

No problem. You can find the registration form on our web page and all you need to do is fill it in, make a bank transfer to cover the exam fees and send us two photocopies of your passport by fax or post within the registration dates.

When does the next Spanish course start?

You will find a list of all our courses on our web page with information on dates and prices.

When I send in the application fee, how do I know there are still places on the course I want to take?

We take students up till the day before the level test for any course. If the course is full up, we will reimburse the application fee.

Can you help me with my visa application?

The only thing we can do is issue you with a reservation certificate (when you pay the application fee) or an enrolment certificate (if you pay the total fee) for the courses of your choice. It's really important that you find out about the visa requirements at the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in your country before applying to CLM as the application fee will not be reimbursed if your visa application is turned down.

How do I obtain the Diploma in Hispanic Studies?

To obtain this diploma, you must have taken and passed 10 subjects in two consecutive semesters. If you just take 8 subjects, you will receive a certificate.

What does the level test involve?

The test is made up of three parts:

First: Multiple choice grammar questions

Second: Questions on everyday situations

Third: Oral interview with the examiner