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Courses in Spanish as a Foreign Language (CELE) [27/09/2018]

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eLADE (CLM – Universidad de Granada on-line Examination for the Accreditation of Spanish levels B1/B2) [04/09/2018]

Accredit your level of Spanish with us! AND NOW, IF YOU BELONG TO UGR, YOU CAN TAKE THE EXAM FOR FREE!

Next exam: 4 December

Results of June 2018

SIELE: Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española [03/09/2018]

Si hablas español
¡certifícalo con SIELE!

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Photo Competition SPRING 2018 [10/05/2018]

Foto Concurso de Fotografía

We already have the jury's decision. Check the winners!


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