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eLADE (CLM – Universidad de Granada on-line Examination for the Accreditation of Spanish levels B1/B2) [03/12/2018]

Accredit your level of Spanish with us! AND NOW, IF YOU BELONG TO UGR, YOU CAN TAKE THE EXAM FOR FREE!

Next exam: 23 April

Courses in Spanish as a Foreign Language (CELE)

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Christmas Photography Contest [27/11/2018]

If you are a CLM student, we encourage you to take part in our Christmas Photography Contest. Show us through pictures your Christmas experiences and situations in the city of Granada or at Centro de Lenguas Modernas. You can submit your photo between November 26th and December 9th to the following address: info

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SIELE: Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española

Si hablas español
¡certifícalo con SIELE!

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Resolución BOLSA DE TRABAJO de ESPAÑOL [30/07/2018]

Resolución del proceso de baremación de la bolsa de español 2018



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