Wi-Fi Access - Wireless Virtual Campus of the UGR

Wi-Fi in the CLM Patio

The CLM provides access to the Virtual Campus of the UGR Wireless that enables Internet access via Wi-Fi to all students enrolled in a course of CLM.

The service is free and available at all campuses of the University of Granada only during the period in which the student is enrolled.


  • cviugr [Unsecured network (no encrypted communication) . No additional software installation required]
  • eduroam [Secured network (encrypted communication). Additional software installation required]

If you already use the wi-fi network named EDUROAM at your home university or college (at any country), then you can use it directly in the CLM without having to configure anything. For more info visit www.eduroam.es


Your username and password to connect to the Wi-Fi network are the same as you use to enter your STUDENT LOGIN. They will work for the period of your course.

Before connecting to eduroam you need to download a secure profile and configure the operating system of your device (computer, tablet, phone ...).



Other configuration links

Remember that only one device can be connected simultaneously.


CLM Students are users of the computer network of the University of Granada. Thus, to use these computing resources, the student declares that:

  • I am a user of the Granada University Computing Resources.

  • I agree to use these resources for the exclusive purpose of University activities, in accordance with the principles established in the Statutes of Granada University.

  • I am aware of the security rules and regulations for users of the Granada University Computing Resources and I agree to abide by them in every aspect.

  • In any case, I agree to follow the instructions and abide by the regulations of usage passed by the governing bodies of Granada University and those decreed at a general level in current legislation.

  • I authorise the Computing Resources administrator to carry out the necessary technical actions/operations on the Computing Resources used by the undersigned to guarantee the security and smooth running of the Services they provide to the University Community.

You can view and edit your agreement with this statement through your student login.

For more information visit the website of the Service Center of Computing and Communications Networks (CSIRC) of the UGR.


For further details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • The CLM I.T. and Audio-visual Media Department: incidencias.tecnicas

  • General Information: info