Curso Intensivo de Lengua Española (CILE) - Cuatrimestre de primavera 2019

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  • Periodo: 1 abril 2019 - 15 junio 2019

  • Duración: 11 semanas

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  • Precio: 5.168 €

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Descripción del Curso

Curso Intensivo de Lengua Española

The Intensive Spanish Language Courses (CILE) are designed for those students who wish to focus on advancing their language proficiency dramatically over the course of a semester.  Students spend four hours per day, five days a week, in a dynamic and participative classroom setting. 

An essentially communicative approach, along with the use of the most up-to-date audio-visual technology, are used to teach all areas of the language including reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, as well as the cultural component.  Important topics in contemporary Spanish culture and current events, local and national, are used as the basis for improving conversation skills.

CILE classes are taught at every level from A1 to C1 (CLM Level 1-Beginners to CLM Level 8-Superior).  The average number of students per class is 12.


Para más información, por favor contacte con el coordinador de Study Abroad.

  • Contacto: studyabroad